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Find, qualify and contact interested leads by using simple questions

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Secure and GDPR-compliant



We protect your data through secure and GDPR-compliant processing.

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Hosted in Europe

We only use Microsoft Azure Cloud services in European data centers.

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Made in Germany

We are headquartered in Munich and only develop with our own resources.


Data-driven identification of interested accounts

Venta finds accounts that visit your website or display buying signals online.

Qualified Accounts that visited your website or have shown buying interest online

Qualify with our AI assistant

Ask AI to find information and answer questions like “Is this company ISO certified?”

Qualify your accounts with our intelligent AI assistant

A personalized opener for every conversation

Venta analyzes company news and social media profiles to find and generate personalized conversation starters for each lead.

Venta automatically creates a personalized message
Integrates seamlessly with your CRM-System
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A big leap for your sales team

100% focus for your sales team

Stop wasting time on unqualified leads and focus on the ones that are really interested.

Increase your booking rate

Finally Spray&Pray E-Mail campaigns are a thing of the past. Venta ensures that every lead gets a mail tailored just for them.

Automate your lead qualification

Researching and qualifying leads takes up to 30% of time per seller and blocks time for what's really important - reaching out to customers.

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Venta is the tool our sales team always wanted - so we built it
Lucas Spreiter
Lucas Spreiter
Co-Founder of Venta
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