Your new AI-coworker for better data and more pipeline

Venta finds, enriches and contacts interested leads automatically

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trusted by high growth sales teams

Find interested companies

Venta automatically identifies your website visitors and researches leads based on your Ideal Customer Profile

Enrich your data - with any question you have

Venta is able to research any publicly available information to enrich and qualify your prospects

Contact qualified leads on scale

Analysing social media profiles and company news, venta starts a relevant conversation with your qualified prospects

why venta?

Venta automates up to 100% of your prospecting while giving you control on every step

Working 24 hours a day venta helps you to build pipeline on scale

the founders

Lucas and Stefan, working together since 2018, have already founded three AI startups and built over 20 productive business applications. Writing more than 10,000 emails sales emails by hand, they got frustrated by the manual work of researching and contacting leads, so they set out to automate it and help other companies scale their sales efforts.

integrates seamlessly with your CRM-System
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your new co-worker that never sleeps

venta needs less than 1 hour for setup - get started today and have first emails sent tomorrow

Secure and GDPR-compliant



We protect your data through secure and GDPR-compliant processing.

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Hosted in Europe

We only use Microsoft Azure Cloud services in European data centers.

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Made in Germany

We are headquartered in Munich and only develop with our own resources.

backed by

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